3 Reasons #CMConference is Amazing

Updated: May 5, 2018

This week I had privilege of attending the CMConference from CMConnect. This was my third CMConference and as expected they delivered world class training at a small town price. Since I was working on building my site while I was attending this conference, it only seemed appropriated that my first blog post would be about CMConference, with that said, here are three (of many) reasons that CMConference is amazing:

Level Playing Field

There are BRILLIANT people serving in small churches, just as there brilliant people serving in medium, large, and mega-churches. I sat in breakouts led by leaders of churches ranging from below 100 to 1000+ people, and I was impressed by the wisdom of them all.

Often times we’re inclined to look towards the mega and just-larger-than-us churches’ pastors and leaders because we hope we can replicate or take some nugget from their workshops that will get us where they are. While there is wisdom to be found there, sometimes leaders get too caught up in the large numbers and the pressure to live up to them. As a result, we don’t take time to learn how to do small church with excellence as we pursue everything God has for our church.

At CMConference, Michael and his team do an excellent job of pulling leaders from every church context so that you not only catch vision for a bigger ministry or budget (which you will), but learn how to excel in where God already has you!

It Is Hard to Find A More Community Driven Conference

I have been to several Kidmin conferences and nobody does a better job at creating avenues for relationships to flourish.


It begins with the authenticity of leadership and spreads to the nightly after-party. If you attend CMConference and do not attend the after-party, you're missing out on half the value!

I heard several leaders say things such as “This is my family!”, “This is where God refreshes me!”, and “This is the only place where I feel normal!”

For some KidMin Leaders, CMConference is one of the only conferences they can afford to go to, so the relationships built at CMConference become the support network to hold them together when things get rough back in their own ministry context. When things get difficult, they have a global family they can draw from! Attendees from right down the road to places like Europe and Africa become a tight knit group pursuing Christ together.

CMConference goes far beyond a workshop driven experience, it is a place where all your KidMin friends from all over the world come and pour into you and your ministry!


I personally affirm the integrity of the leadership at CMConnect but I'm not alone! Greatnonprofits.org lists CMConnect as a top rated nonprofit while they have also earned a Platinum Rating from GuideStar.org for their commitment to transparency!

The heart and mission of CMConnect and the conference it hosts is genuine and contagious. As I overhead Michael stay, the “err on the side of generosity.” And that was apparent in everything they did. As I watched the team pass out cookies, give away merchandise, and rush to the aid of conference arrivals armed with an umbrella and a smile, their heart to serve was evident and my trust and support of CMConnect was reaffirmed over and over again.

CMConnect Executive Director Shielding Attendees from the Rain

Thank You!

I know I can speak for the entire CMConference community when I say thank you to Michael, Brad, Cindi, Tory, Amanda, Trevor and the entire CMConnect team for continually striving to serve under resourced children's ministries and those who lead them. The impact you have on our lives year in and year out is unquantifiable!

And thank you to 242 Community Church for being such an incredible host this year!

If you're in KidMin and you didn't take the opportunity to attend CMConference this year, start planning now! To learn more visit CMConnect.org.

CMConnect Founder & Executive Director Ushering in Attendees from the Rain

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