Greg Davidson Rocks!

Greg Davidson of WOW Center, Newport News, VA

For my first "You Rock!"post it only seemed appropriate to honor my kids pastor, Greg Davidson! I hope you enjoy reading about this awesome kidmin leader! If you'd like to nominate someone you know click the "You Rock!" tab above and fill out the form!

KidMin Leader:

Greg Davidson

What’s their role?

Children's Pastor

Church Name and Location:

World Outreach Worship Center // Newport News,VA

Length of time at current church and in kidmin (best guesses are fine):

16 years at WOWC, about 33 years altogether

What is something that is unique about your nominee’s ministry?

Greg’s ministry is the perfect blend of creativity, humility, and fun! One of the coolest parts of Greg’s ministry at WOW Center is R.O.C.K. or Reaching Our City’s Kids! Greg and his team utilize the ROCK truck, which is an old UHaul truck converted into a mobile kids’ stage to go into neighborhoods all over Newport News and share God’s love!

Each Summer the ROCK team brings items of need to the communities they serve and invites them to their giant Kid’s Fest back at WOW Center. What once started as an outreach of a few kids singing songs on a tarp on the grass has grown to a massive outreach that touches hundreds of kids lives every summer!

How has your nominee’s ministry impacted you or someone you know?

Greg’s ministry has impacted me in a way that reverberates in every aspect of my life! I first encountered Pastor Greg and WOW Kids’ Church in an extremely vulnerable time of my life. In the years that took me through moving out of my hometown and into my parent’s divorce, Greg and WOW Kids provided a sense of stability in a time full of changes. As I grew in my faith, I began to find that stability in Christ. Greg served as a spiritual father to me, among many others, and mentored me as I felt called towards kids ministry. I wouldn’t be who I am without his ministry!

What makes your nominee fun to be around?

Greg is dorky in the best way possible! You know the weird funny thoughts that come to your mind that would be weird to say out loud? No? Just me? Well, he has them too and will go there with you! It is not uncommon for us to have some outlandish storyline that we made up based from an off the cuff comment.

Another thing that makes Greg fun to be around is he can dream with you! No idea is too big or to absurd that he won’t explore with you. Perhaps this is the same quality that contributes to my earlier comments about conversations with him, I love it all the same.

Free Response (Anything we missed?)

I owe a tremendous debt to Greg and his obedience to the Lord. I bugged him an infinite amount of times as a teenager and never once did he show signs of being tired of me, though I’m sure he was! I spent day after day in his office, following him around, learning what I could, emulating him as best I could and then denying it when my friends gave me a hard time for "trying to be Greg". After I told him I wanted to be a kid’s pastor, he made it a point to teach me everything he could and then commissioned me after my high school graduation with “I gave you a 26 year head start, you better have a tremendous ministry!” With God's help, I work towards that challenge every day.

Truth be told, my life is just a drop in the bucket of lives Greg has impacted. I could fill a room full of people with stories similar to mine. I think I can speak on behalf of every kids church kid you he taught and every WOW Kids Teen Leader when I say: thank you Pastor Greg!

Know Pastor Greg? Feel free to share a comment or a memory with him below!

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