Yanny and Laurel Preached My Youth Service

This past Wednesday as I was waiting in our Youth Room, I wasn’t greeted with a “Hey, Pastor Jared!” Or a “Hello!”. Our first student to arrive bolts through the door turns to me and her voice boomed “Yanny or Laurel!?”

Thankfully, I’m still in the loop enough that I knew to answer with a definitive “Laurel!”

She responded with a mortified “NO!”

That pretty much set the tone for the note night. The first 15 minutes of service were spent debating what word was actually being said (it is Laurel), introducing the conundrum to students who hadn’t heard it yet, and discussing why we each heard something different.

Meanwhile, I was trying to figure how to make this useful. Thankfully, we just happened to be speaking on the voice of God!

The NYTimes released a tool that allows you to change the frequencies of the bewildering recording so that you can hear both Yanny and Laurel, you can find that here: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/05/16/upshot/audio-clip-yanny-laurel-debate.html

I moved the slider all the way to the Laurel side so everyone could hear Laurel. As I moved the slider to the right towards Yanny, fewer and fewer students could hear Laurel. Once I moved all the way to the Yanny side, some could still hear Laurel, but it was a strain. Laurel was always being spoken, but the circumstances had changed.

During our sermon I pointed out that when Samuel had heard from God, he was in a position to hear from Him (by the Lamp).

God is always speaking, even in the midst of our toughest circumstances (the Yanny times), but if we focus, we can hear Him. We may even need to change the circumstances to do so.

I know there are many other scriptures that Yanny and Laurel can teach well, we just happened to be speaking on Samuel already!

If Yanny and Laurel come to your services, be sure to let us know!

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